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Rolling Drum

Rolling Drum

Product: Rolling Drum
Material: Silicon iron
Diameter: 300-1000mm
Length: 1000-4000mm
Thread pitch: 14-36mm
Load capacity: 3.2t-100t
Rope capacity: 10m-200m


Product introduction

Crane rope drum is a part of crane lifting mechanism which is used to full in, entwine, and store wire rope. The rope drum is consisted of drum shaft, flange type annular gear, drum hub, bearings, bearing pedestal, etc. Every part of crane rope drum is engineered and manufactured to meet the operational and safety requirements of industrial crane applications.


Sheave Wheel Technical Requirements:

1Depth of groove should be 1-0.5 times of wire rope diameter. Throat/ tread diameter is 24 to 30 times wire rope diameter.

2Standard throat angle is 35°.

3Rope seat radius equals to rope diameter and clearance, which should be support 135-150°of rope circumference and the surface should be slippery.

4Wear can be measured with “Groove Gage”.

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Main features

  • Rope drum is usually made of cast iron.

  • However, on special occasions or based on your special requirements, crane rope drum can directly weld with cast steel or steel plate.

  • Customized rope drum is available from KOSTA CRANES.


Our advantages

1Same rules should be shared by rope seat radius, tread diameter, and the sheaves.

2Due to rope drums have grooves, the following parameters need your attention.

3Minimum pitch is 1.2 times whir rope diameter.

4Groove depth is 7/16’* rope diameter (minimum).

5The pitch and groove depth lowers the possibility of rope damage caused by sharp “fins’ between grooves.

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