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Hook Group

Hook Group

Model: DG type
Product: Hook Group
Pulley rate: 2/3/4/6/8
Capacity: 3.2t-200t
Diameter: 300mm-1180mm
Hook Material: 20#16Mn DG20
Pulley Block Material: HT QT Q235


Product introduction

Hook group is the most common load handling device in the crane machinery. Hook hangs on the wire rope of the lifting mechanism with the help of pulleys such parts. Hook is the most widely used among all the load handling devices. It has such characteristics as simple manufacture and strong usability.


Technical Description:

1Hooks have single hook and double hooks according to the shape.

2Five strength grades M、P、S、T、V,are classified according to the mechanical property.

3Forging type hook and chip type hook are classified according to method of manufacturing.

4Hook often bears the impact of shock and cutting load in the working process,so hook material should have either enough strength or better toughness.

5Forging hook material adopts high-quality low carbon killed steel or low carbon alloy steel, such as 20 high-quality low carbon steel, 16Mn,20MnSi,36MnSi, which is annealed after being forged.

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Main features

  • There are also two types for chip type hook:single hook and double hooks.

  • Chip type hook is made up of hook chips which is punched and sheared from 16Mn steel plate of thickness no less than 20mm, and then riveted by rivets.

  • When materials are unloaded, height direction of board hook and direction of steel plate rolling are the same, which can improve strength of hook.

  • In order to make load uniformly distribute into every chip, and reduce abrasion of wire rope.

  • Disconnectable base plates are set at the mouth of hook.

  • Disconnectable base plates are set at the mouth of hook.


Our advantages

1It's with simple manufacturing and easy to operate, but stress condition is bad so it is mainly used in the workplace which with below 80 tons lifting capacity.

2When lifting capacity is big, force symmetry double hooks are adopted. chip type hook is riveted through several pieces of cutting forming steel.

3When individual plate has flaws, the whole hook is not damaged.

4The safety is good, but dead weight is big.

5Therefore, it is mainly equipped with big lifting capacity cranes or cranes lifting molten steel ladles.


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