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Hydraulic Winch

Hydraulic Winch

Model: YJ
Product: Hydraulic Winch
Max. Pull load: 3t-50t
Line pulling speed: 3-30m/min
Drum capacity: 20-200m
Control: Manually controlled proportional valve


Product introduction

YJ hydraulic winch series use the patent technique of our company and consist of a variety of valve blocks with function of braking and single counterbalance valve, high speed hydraulic motor, Z type brake, KC type or GC type planetary gearbox, drum, frame and clutch. The user only needs to provide a hydraulic power pack and directional valve. Due to the winches fitted with diversified valve block, it not only simplified the hydraulic system, but also improved the reliability of the winches. In addition, the winches feature a high efficiency and power, low noise and energy consumption, and have a compact figure and good economic value. 


Technical Description:

1IYJ334-75-88-22-ZPG represents that the hydraulic winch adopts a three stage planetary gearbox, and that the modules of the gearbox are 3,3 and 4 respectively.

2The rated single pull on 1st layer is 75kN, drum capacity is 88, rope diameter is 22 mm.

3the winch is fitted with brake, counterbalance valve, and is driven by a high speed axial hydraulic motor.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Main features

  • The total displacement represents the oil flow supply per revolution of the drum(ml/r).

  • The oil flow supply indicates the theoretical flow of the pump when the volumetric efficiency is considered to be 90-94%.

  • Maintain mandatory minimum of three wraps rope to be left on the drum at all times for safety.

  • The working pressure differential represents the pressure drop between port A and port B.

  • This winch series can be equipped with a rope roller, alarm system for the last three winding ropes, rope-guider, output shaft for rotation speed measurement, these items are optional. More options are available please contact the sales department.


Our advantages

1This hydraulic winch is a lifting equipment hydraulically driven and braked.

2It has the advantages of compact structure, light weigh, convenient operation and stable lifting.

3It is used to lift heavy objects in mines, parts and building engineering.

4According to different purpose, hydraulic winch also have many types.

5hydraulic mooring winch, anchor winch, towing winch and tugger winch etc.


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