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Low Speed Electric Winch

Low Speed Electric Winch

Model: JM
Product: Low speed electric winch
Design standard: ISO
Rated load: 0.5~60t
Drum capacity: 20-500m
Working speed: 2-16m/min
Control: Local control


Product introduction

JM series wire rope pulling electric winch is lifting equipment with following features: safety, convenient operation, reliable, durable, low in noise and so on. The winch is mainly composed by drum, motor, brake, reducer, wire rope, foundation, optional rope spooling device, etc.


Safety Demand of electric pulling winch:

1Setup operations shed, and to ensure that the operator to see commanders and drag and lift objects.Buildings in the process of construction, scaffold and on-site stacking materials, components, etc., should not affect the driver to monitor within the framework of the whole process of operation.Operating tents in dangerous operations area, the top should be accord with the requirement of protective casing.

2Foundation strong.winch should as far as possible away from dangerous operations area, choose the higher ground, soil solid, buried anchor wire rope and winch fastens its seat, the front should be piling, prevention and control of hoist movement and capsized.

3Slipway winch drum direction.For drum and guide pulley center, the distance from the drum to the first guide pulley, according to the rules is: grooved drum should be more than 15 times of the width of the reel, slotless reel should be more than 20 times, in order to prevent the drum steel wire rope fault fold each other during operation and guide wheel flange and steel wire rope wear.

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Main features

  • Temperature -10℃~+40℃ ( when surrounding temperature is below 00C, before start-up, lubricating oil should be heated up).

  • Humidity ≤85%.

  • It uses 380V,50Hz, 3-phase alternating current power supply and ±5% tolerable voltage difference.

  • Working grades of winch in use are M4 or M5.

  • When increasing every grade working grade, its rated pull should correspondingly reduce 20%.

  • Working grades of winch in use are M4 or M5.


Our advantages

1JM type wire rope pulling electric winch is used widely in construction site, plant, mine, port and so on.

2It's an necessary equipment for lifting, horizon or slop carrying heavy cargos, such as large concrete, steel structure, mechanical Equipment.

3Additionally, it is also widely used in shipyard dock as slipway winch for pulling barges or boats.

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