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Diesel Winch

Diesel Winch

Model: JMC
Product: Diesel Winch
Max. Pull load: 1t-65t
Rated pulling force: 10KN-650KN
Line pulling speed: 5-15m/min
Drum capacity: 50-500m
Control: Manually control


Product introduction

Diesel Engine Powered Winch (also called diesel winch) by human or mechanical power driven drum winding device of traction rope to complete work. Can enhance the vertical, horizontal or inclined dragging weight. Mainly used for power transmission project (including underground power cable engineering), telecommunications, telecommunications engineering construction tower erection, traction cable, wire tightening heavy lifting, and tools, especially suitable for small batch operations within the city. 


Technical Description:

1Engine powered winch is set up high-voltage transmission lines and laying of aerial construction machinery underground cables, smooth, convenient for Tower Group legislature, set up guide (land) lines, lifting, pulling in a variety of complex conditions.

2Motor cutter grinding widely used in electricity, telecommunications line construction group established tower or motor actinomycetes, also in place for lifting and pulling heavy objects, suitable for field sites without electricity.

3the use of flexible construction, docks and so on.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Main features

  •  Ideal product for pulling and lifting work in remote area without electric supply.

  • Not need the generator and electricity, power supplied by diesel engine directly.

  • Diesel engine with large power, use famous brand.

  • Hand brake with lock, can fix load in air long time.

  • With direction lever, can choose forward/stop/reverse freely.

  • Both forward and reverse with same pull capacity.Key stard like car driving starting.


Our advantages

1The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, etc.

2the majority of electric power, telecommunications operators welcome.

3Motor cutter grinding force divided by diesel powered winch and winch motor gasoline.


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