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End carriages

End carriages

Structural Box type
Lifting capacity 1t-50t
Span 10.5-31.5m
Lifting height 6m-30m
Working class M3-M6
Traveling speed 10-20 m/min
Working temperature

-20 ~+40

Material Q235B
Wheel Dia. Φ200-Φ500


Product introduction

The end carriage is an important part in the operations of the crane, and it is a key component to realize the crane traveling. The end carriage is composed by the drive wheels, driven wheels, traveling motors and steel structures. Reinforcing ribs are included inside of the end carriage to ensure the stability after being loaded. The main size of the end carriage is determined according to the lifting capacity, span length, crane wheelbase and the trolley gauge.

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Steel structural

End carriage is made of rectangular tube, completely opened, bored, milled and drilled with CNC boring milling machine. The processing is precise and the he low ally steel structure provides high strength and malleability.


Traveling motor

European Germany ABM/SEW/Siemens etc brand or China domestic Nanjing/Jiamusi/Hongda etc brand 



ZG340-640 cast steel or the ZG-50SiMn low alley steel 



By welding or high strength bolts connection



Main features

  • Simple structure and convenient processing

  • Low cost and high bearing strength

  • Easy installation and high work efficiency


Our advantages

1Simple structure, modular design, convenient installation and maintenance

2High precision, low noise, stable operation, low failure rate

3There are many ways to connect to the main beam, adapting to the configuration requirements of different plants


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