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Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder Overhead Crane

Model: QD
Design Standard: ISO/FEM
Lifting Capacity: 5t-320t
Span: 10.5-31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-30m
Working Duty: A5-A7
Control Mode: Remote control, cabin control


Product introduction

Double girder overhead crane with hook also named bridge crane or EOT crane is a large and powerful heavy duty lifting equipment used for various fields and sectors, and suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, workshop or open space. Lifting equipment for loading, unloading and transporting materials in a fixed span, It is mainly applicable to the auxiliary lifting operations of mechanical processing and assembly workshops, metal structure workshops, machinery maintenance workshops, various warehouses, metallurgy and foundry workshops, etc.


Main applications and industry used as followings:

1Serving many types of industries has given a broad list of experiences.

2Manufacturing Power Plant Wind Energy Foundries Food and beverage.

3Plastic Injection Molding Die Casting Hydro power Packaging/Printing.

4Steel mill Paper Chemical Pharmaceutical Rubber Glass.

5Agriculture Automotive Water Treatment Aerospace  Concrete/Cement.

6Military/Government Machine tool Mining  Petro Chemical Steel distribution.

7Aluminum extrusion Transportation and Shipping Galvanizing.

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Main features

  • Finding suitability in industry sectors like Pipe mills, Heavy engineering industries, Steel Furnace, Paper-Mills and others.

  •  Provides for higher hook lift as hook can be pulled up between two main girders.

  • Used for lifting as well as meeting transporting needs of materials of any capacity/span.

  • Travel on parallel girder on fix column requiring heavy capacity and wide spans.

  •  Can be offered in different ton capacities with desired span.

  • Can be made available in different lifting capacities.


Our advantages

1Heavy duty with working class M6-M7, used in more complex and harsh working conditions.

2Good performance and high efficiency, more stable with heavy weight, long time working, easy maintenance.

3Equipped with a variety of special slings for special operations, rain proof protection when used outside, lifting mechanism can provide two sets of safety devices as required to increase reliability.

4The vision of the cab room is wide, all the mechanisms are operated in the cab room, and the work is comfortable and flexible.

5Provide more effective lifting height as the hook can be pulled up between two girders.

6It is highly suitable for frequent and severe lifting occasions, with long service life more than 20 years.


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