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Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Model: CD/MD
Product: Electric Wire Rope Hoist
Design standard: ISO
Lifting capacity: 0.5t~50t
Lifting Height: 6-30m
Working class: M3/A3
Control: Pendant control or remote control


Product introduction

Electric wire rope hoist is a small light lifting equipment, widely used to lift, loading and unloading, repair equipment, hoisting goods, install on a suspended I-steel, curve track, jib crane rail and fixed lifting hoisting heavy weights. Electric wire rope hoist can be classified into electric wire rope hoist with electric trolley, electric wire rope hoist with manual trolley, suspended hook electric wire rope hoist ,low headroom electric wire rope hoist.


Main types of electric hoist for you to choose:

1CD1/MD1, normal type, Lifting capacity: 0.5 - 20 tons.

2HC, normal type, Lifting capacity: 8- 63 tons.

3HB/HBS, Explosion proof type, Lifting capacity: 0.5- 20tons.

4HY, Smelting type, Lifting capacity: 3- 20tons.

5LH, Double rails, Lifting capacity: 2- 63tons.

6All models Stationary type, foot mounted type hoist, Lifting capacity: 0.5- 63tons.

7All models Center lifting type, Lifting capacity upto 16tons.

8All models Over-long lifting height type, lifting height can upto 120m.

9Electric Chain hoist, Lifting capacity: 0.5 - 20tons.

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Main features

  • National standardized light lifting equipment.

  • Rated work classification is M3.Durable and safe, it is easy to operate, install and maintain.

  • CD type has only one lifting speed while MD type has two.

  • Compact body, small size, light weight and modular convertible parts.

  • Ideal to use for 3 phase, light moderate duty service applications.

  • Can get very large lifting height by simply modifying its design parameters.Easy to be refitted and mounted on a support deck or foundation to work as electric hoist winch.


Our advantages

1Wire rope electric hoist is also named monorail crane or single girder monorail hoist, CD Electric Wire rope Hoist has only one normal speed,which can satisfy normal application.

2MD Electric Wire rope Hoist provides two speeds: normal speed and low speed.

3At a low speed,it can do precise loading and unloading, mounding of sand box, maintenance of machine tools,etc.

4It also has low headroom hoist and explosion proof type hoist, metallurgical hoist.

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