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Ladle Casting Overhead Crane

Ladle Casting Overhead Crane

Model: QDY/YZ
Design Standard: ISO
Lifting Capacity: 5t-75t
Span: 10.5-31.5m
Lifting Height: 6-30m
Working Duty: M7/A7
Control Mode: Cabin control


Product introduction

Ladle overhead crane is one type of metallurgy crane, usually we also called it casting bridge crane or foundry bridge crane which is designed for transporting, pouring and charging hot metal in the process of smelting liquid metal, etc. It is also named casting overhead crane or metallurgy overhead crane, this type crane required to be able working with good condition in high temperature more than 60℃, and its insulation class is very high H grade.


Technical Description:

1Casting Crane is one of the main equipments in the continuous casting technology of steel making.

2It is mainly used for pouring melted iron from additive bay of converter to converter.

3lifting molten steel from refining bay to refining furnace or lifting molten steel from molten steel bay to ladle turret of continuous casting machine.

4According to the crane structure, the ladle overhead cranes can be classified into Double Girder Double Rail Ladle Cranes, Four Girder Four Rail Ladle Cranes, and Four Girder Six Rails Ladle Cranes.

5The front two types are used for lifting middle and large scale ladles, and the latter one is used for extremely large scale ladles.

6KOSTA is capable of offering customized ladle overhead crane without lifting capacity limitation.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.


Main features

  • Main lifting mechanism is with 4 independent rope-reeving systems.

  • Double brake for balance beam to prevent wire-rope accident.

  • Emergency stop switch on main lifting mechanism.

  • Overload protection and anti-derailment protection.

  • Over speed monitoring for main lifting mechanism.

  • Double Limit switch device for traveling and lifting system.


Our advantages

1Double sets of independent action brakes is installed to the lifting mechanism.

2Heavy hammer and rotary lifting position limiters is installed and down position limiter will be installed when crane hoisting height is more than 20 m.

3Fault protection devices, such as, positive and negative contactor is installed to prevent dangerous in case of electricity power off.

4Insulating layer is installed at the bottom of main girders to prevent molten steel thermal radiation to ensure the long serving life of main girders.

5Special designed metallurgy motor is used, with insulation class H level, and motor protection grade IP54.

6Steel core wire rope is used, which is suitable for high temperature environment with the safety factor≧ 7.1; High temperature resistant cable is used for the power supply of trolley.


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