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European overhead crane for Guatemala client

March 26, 2024
Equipment: Double girder overhead crane
Lifting capacity: 5tons
Lifting height: 6meters
Span: 18meters
In 2023, we received one inquiry from our Guatemala client to inquiry the 5tons overhead crane. When we firstly quoted the single girder overhead crane offer to our client, they told us they want the high working class with the 12/m/min lifting speed, 40m/min trolley traveling speed and 70m/min crane traveling speed and they want the double working speed also.
We advised the client due to the working speed is too high, it is better to choose the cabinet control with the joystick.
After the confirmations, we send the client new quote and drawing for the double girder overhead crane.
Now the client has received the cranes success and pretty satisfied with our quality and service, we are happy to get the new order from client again.
Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
QDX model European Double Girder Overhead Crane is equipped with high performance geared motor, variable speeds, box girder design, heavy duty electric winch trolley. Low noise, free maintenance, light weight, good-looking, most popular among new construction plant or workshops;
It is European optimization design, light dead weight, small wheel load, and short size. Good driving capacity, double lifting speed, frequency control of trolley and crane, smooth and stable traveling and a variety of patterns meet customers' needs.

Henan Kosta Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

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