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The widespread use of chain electric hoist and the problem of production

March 26, 2024

Electric chain hoist is a kind of light and small hoisting equipment, mainly used in the major factories, warehouses, wind power, logistics, terminals, construction and other industries, for lifting or loading and unloading of goods, you can also lift the weight to facilitate work Or repair large machines.


One of the biggest advantages of electric chain hoist is a wide range of uses, which can be used in all walks of life, and even life, but it was also skeptical of this attitude by others. Why does the electric chain hoist have so supernatural powers? Plz check the following items:


Because the face of the different objects, so now the capacity of electric chain hoist is also different, there are now 0.1 tons, there are 0.25 tons, 0.5 tons, 1.5 tons, 1-3 tons, there are more Tonnage, such as five tons, ten tons, twenty tons, etc., the largest model until 100 tons, and according to the use of different ways, and now the structure of the electric chain hoist is also a big difference.


According to different types of electric chain hoist, the voltage 380V and 220V, not only electric chain hoist can be used in industry, even ordinary family shopping malls can also be used, 220V power supply plug and play, it’s more convenient.


Electric chain hoist is a professional technical staff for remote control operation, the overall operation process is very simple, whether it is in the indoor operation or the use of wireless remote control, electric hoist is a way of work, and now produced electric hoist can be used in a fixed suspension, but also with the electric monorail trolley to match, because of these advantages, so now the logistics industry to use the chain of electric hoist is the most.


Electric chain hoist has these types: fixed, running, variable frequency, low clearance, single speed and two speed. Suitable for different types of industrial use of the site, the operation is also very convenient. And in order to be able to fundamentally reduce costs, and now the electric chain hoist work efficiency is very high, it can be said from the working conditions and labor on the double savings.


With the development of modern construction, electric chain hoist industry is also the rapid development. Due to the fierce competition in the market, many small and medium enterprises engaged in electric chain hoist production are facing serious difficulties. So the production of electric chain hoist is facing more and more severe form. For the major enterprises, in the increasingly fierce market competition, change the profit growth point has become an important issue of electric chain hoist manufacturers.


According to the above description, enterprises in order to long-term development and survival, should stand in the user's point of view to consider, this is not only responsible for the customer, but also responsible for our own. Our KOSTA Brand have send our electric chain hoist to more than 108+ countries, which is highly evaluate by our customer, whether you need stainless steel electric chain hoist, single phase electric chain hoist or high voltage of electric chain hoist, we also can supply customized design according to your all request. As a manufacturer and supplier, our factory established since 1984, our main product is overhead crane, gantry crane, jib cane, electric hoist, electric winch and crane spare parts. We manufacture the crane parts by ourselves which is convenient for us to control the product quality and product delivery. We also have the professional quality inspection team and third-party certification. If you need the crane or hoist, If you find some product really attractive to you, pls feel free to contact me. We are more than pleasure to offer u with more information you want.

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