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The stability of gantry cranes and the problem of gear reducer wear

September 02, 2019

How to limit the stability of the semi-gantry crane

Semi-gantry crane operation is very simple, making a lot of users think crane crane operation is not technical, it is not.

You can take the novice hand and experienced hand to compare, for some of the more complex hoisting operations, experienced operators can often reduce the risk and successfully complete the task, and novice tend to be a big problem.

What are the technical aspects of the lifting operation? Semi-ganty crane lifting point selection and object banding method is one of the two.

Lifting points must ensure that the object in the lifting process and placed to maintain stability without turning, swing or tilt, before the lifting of the object must be the center of gravity balance, which is the common sense of lifting operations.

In addition, the vertical object center of gravity is high, the support surface is small, its stability is poor; and flat objects with low center of gravity, large support surface, good stability, so in the lifting operation should observe the shape and center of gravity of the object, The stability of the object placement.

Gantry crane reducer wear how to do frequent

In practical applications, the gantry crane operating frequency is very high, so its active wheel and reducer also need to carry out frequent operation to meet the needs of the use of equipment. So, in the case of repeated start, stop, emergency stop, the crane in the reducer is easy to wear, or even leakage of the situation. Is there any good solution to that problem?

When the gantry crane in the reducer after the problem occurred in the past, the traditional way is to repair welding or brush plating repair, but no matter which there are some disadvantages.

Such as welding, then easy to produce can not eliminate the thermal stress, making parts deformation or fracture; and brush plating repair, then susceptible to the thickness of the problem is still not fundamentally resolved. So the best way to change the parts of the reducer parts of the production of materials to HDPE material to replace it, so that there will be no welding thermal stress, will not be limited by the thickness of the repair, the most important thing is it Can avoid the possibility of re-wear, and greatly extend the life of the reducer, the gantry crane can also reduce the occurrence of failure rate.

The level of economic development in the continuous improvement of the construction site in the normal operation of the crane is also very important, not only related to each person's personal safety, but also the production efficiency is fully protected basis. And the existence of security risks is inevitable, how to control in the effective range, you need to study in depth.

In the normal use of the crane process, the relevant staff every day in a timely manner maintenance, the more early work, the next will be more smoothly. Otherwise the accident occurred halfway, the consequences are quite serious. The workers themselves for the labor insurance products should also be concerned about the wear, must not careless.

Check the intensity increased, in order to reduce the original basis of the accident occurred. The current quality of the crane has been significantly improved, the user can be assured that the use of the process of use, but all the preparatory work should be normal to carry out. The power of a person alone is far from enough, consciousness has a further attention, in order to harvest efficiency on the basis of the largest.

Visible, security risks in order to get control, or rely on the relevant measures of assistance, if the consciousness can not keep up, the problem will only straight up.

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