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Detailed Introduction of KBK flexible rail crane

September 29, 2019

KBK products, in nearly a decade, was quickly recognized, almost all the major projects in the selection of the flexible beam system. In order to solve small weight, high frequency of materials handling, adopt the KBK system.And KBK products has caused the domestic material world of great interest.


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KBK Crane System


KBK crane standard components for constructing hanging rail system and suspension crane structure provides both the economic and reliable solution.


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KBK Crane System 


Modular KBK crane standard components can be easily and quickly crane system.The basic components of KBK crane in a variety of specifications KBK100, KBK Ⅰ, KBK Ⅱ -l, KBK Ⅱ and KBK Ⅲ special orbit design. Standard components are controlled by standardized machinery and parts.This has made it more convenient for the design, installation and maintenance.Reconstruction and expansion of KBK equipment may at any time.Straight rail, rail bending, switch, rotary table and lifting segments can be combined together for trade and industry department of material handling to provide the best solution.


From two projects in just a few meters straight rail will directly connected simple device to complex suspension monorail system, from simple manual control to have a computer integrated control automation system.Lifting equipment is more easy to adapt to the new material handling requirements.KBK simply rearrange existing components or add some new components can realize the rail system reconstruction or expansion.


Efficiency and the ability of handling materials of KBK crane can often be through increased automation to improve lifting equipment and transmission interface. The sling from manual to automatic fixture system have been enhanced.Even in the case of the current system is still running, can also be for any new logistics system reform to adapt to the requirements.


Due to KBK crane equipment can make full use of the working face and the production line at the top of the free space, so leave valuable floor space for other production activities. KBK crane standard components follow the idea of standardization and modularization design, manufacture, highly flexible, can be used to construct various crane system.KBK crane system safe and reliable performance, flexible manipulation, easy installation and simple.


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KBK Crane With Chain Hoist


All parts KBK technology contains many years of practical experience and summed up.

KBK rail: cold rolled steel rail, light weight, good rigidity, smooth surface, the root welding, controlled by a computer program is completed, rail straightness is less than 0.75 mm/m and distortion is less than 0.1 degrees/m type rail track within the special guide surface and slightly sloped interface ensure the car walking stability.The light level and intermediate rated lifting weight within the scope of the track, running within design to protect the car and internal sliding contact line (closed).Surface electrostatic spraying, red (RAL) 2002.

Material: rail material for S235 RG2, can guarantee the permanent deformation under normal use.

Suspension components: galvanized, carrying capacity of 1700 kg, hanging in the edge of beams of the plate (i-steel edge of the plate width is 66-142 - mm), not rigid, can swing around 14 degrees, before and after the absorption of the level of impact of the steel structure.
The flexible rail hanger, ball and socket, universal joint, threaded connection height is adjustable.Ball joint with soft in the head gasket, eliminating wear and noise.

Rail connection: KBK product installation connection, adopt thread connection all the standard parts of each system size (straight rail and rail, rail, wheel, etc.) has the same size, and USES the simple plug type bolt connection together.Thread for the extrusion of all components, ensure that orbit, girder and suspension parts connection is absolutely safe and reliable.

Carry the trolley: perfectly on the oil free maintenance antifriction bearing high strength nylon wheel can be no noise, smooth operation, long service life, guide wheel by the rail lateral direction, the car can from any point along the orbit direction was removed.
Long service life.

Corrosion protection: hanging parts for galvanized, standard orbit for electrostatic powder spraying;KBK crane is used for indoor operation, temperature range is -25 degrees to + 70 degrees

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